The Marketing Wolves will call about your new website!

Posted by Newberry Area SBDC on June 20, 2015 at 2:25 PM

I had a few clients call me recently about SEO and website page ranking marketing calls. As it goes in the website world, when you purchase a domain and start a new business you will be contacted by the "marketing wolves", eager to take your money for a product that you can't even see, touch or feel... Stay Away. Some of these people actually say they work for Google. Stay Away. I am a Google partner and I can get you listed and verified on Google Maps FREE OF CHARGE. Don't pay for something we can do in 15 minutes in my office. I also have an SEO sheet that works wonders for your page ranking, and I present workshops on this topics. PLEASE don't spend your hard earned money on the things that we can do you for you FREE at the SBDC. I'm a Google Partner now, so I have access to real Google people and this is what I posted after talking with a client last Friday and how my Google team answered:



Nancy Williamson Partner Support - Yesterday 3:49 PM


I have a general Google question. Every day I hear complaints from my clients about people from "Google" calling them, constantly wanting to help them with their SEO, listings, photos and they claim to help get them to rank on page 1. When I hear this, I know they are not valid. I call them the "marketing wolves" that come out and seem to automagically know when someone purchases a domain and then immediately starts harassing. My question is, does Google ever actually call people with new domains? Could some be legit phone calls? They are usually from Oregon or somewhere far far away. My advice? When someone claiming to be from Google calls them and tells them they aren't getting found online and they need to pay them 100's of dollars for their expertise, is to very sweetly say (in a southern accent of course): hmm, why you found me sir, and you aren't even my target audience! But, I just want to know, does Google really call people about that?

Tim Bach Yesterday 4:30 PM




+Nancy Williamson Google doesn't just call people out of the blue to offer optimization advice nor when people buy a new domain. People can register for an AdWords dedicated specialist that would call them but that's AdWords only.


Pretty much, we don't call you unless you ask us to i.e., you filed a help ticket, or we really need to confirm something.


If someone ever gets a call about an issue they think could be legit, have them tell the caller that they're going to call Google back to be sure and then either use the "Contact us" link on the support center or if they have AdWords call 1-866-2GOOGLE.


Yesterday 4:34 PM


Forgot to add this:


We actually have a section on the support center about getting calls from Google.



So there you have it my friends.  The marketing wolves will be out.  JUST SAY NO... especially if they claim to be from Google!!

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